Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day #2 of Blog Book Tour

This Woman's Work said: "The book has tips, inspiration and stories — the kind of book that you give to a new dad-to-be) to make him get a little verklempt and a lot more excited about the upcoming baby. Or give it to an old hand at fatherhood and watch him sniff a little bit, too. But really I think of this book as the absolutely perfect gift to bring to a baby shower where dads are WAY too often neglected. You can see, it has a reasonable price point so next time you’re heading to a new daddy’s house to welcome the recent arrival, make sure you have this in hand."

Cindy LaFerle wrote that: "This is a handbook after my own heart, emphasizing the ordinary moments and sweet epiphanies of daily parenthood.

"Margulis and di Properzio are married and have three kids of their own — which partly explains why their affection for children shines through every essay in the book. “Bonding with a baby or small child is about the small moments that you spend together, looking at each other, talking, taking walks. It’s not something that happens instantly,” they explain in the book’s preface. While the text is instructive, it’s also entertaining and accessible — and can be read between naps. Illustrating the text, Christopher Briscoe’s beautiful black-and-white photos of adorable babies and handsome dads will surely melt your heart. Few books are available on this topic, so this is a welcome addition to your parenting library, and an absolutely perfect gift for new dads and fathers-to-be, anytime."

ReadingWritingLiving called the book "humorous and appealing" and said, "I personally do not think that Motherhood should have ANYthing over Fatherhood, especially in these early months/years, and this book was a great validation of that idea."

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