Monday, September 3, 2012

If You Improve Your Marriage You'll Have More Sex

When you and your partner are doing better vertically, you'll have more fun horizontally.

That horizontal fun often results in a child, or a second child, or--surprise!--a third.

Wait a second, how did that happen? Was it an accident?

When family and friends ask you and your wife if this next pregnancy was a surprise, even if it was, answer: "Big surprise, I have no idea how it happened. Could you explain it to me?"

Though some women love to have sex when their pregnant, others can't stand the sight of you and think your breath smells like rotten meat. Either way, having (more) children creates stress on your relationship, which makes it harder to find time to be intimate.

That guy from work who told you it was a piece of cake to have kids? Break his knuckles next time you see him.

In the meantime, there's a good book to read about improving your marriage, two copies of which are being given away by co-author of the Baby Bonding Book for Dads, Jennifer Margulis.

MARRIAGE RULES: A MANUAL FOR THE MARRIED AND THE COUPLED UP by psychologist Harriet Lerner who, we can only hope, has a good marriage and gets lots of action.

Leave a comment on Jennifer's blog by September 7th to throw your hat in the ring to win a free copy.