Friday, December 24, 2010

Bonding with Baby (and the Whole Family) During the Holidays

Some dads find the bustle of the holidays invigorating, a chance to show love for family and friends, an excuse to eat special foods like pot roast and figgy pudding, and a time to take a breather from work.

Others would rather have pneumonia than have to buy one more Christmas present or attend one more holiday party. They feel stressed about money, prone to depression because of family-of-origin issues, and generally out of sorts.

But whether you're Happy or Grinchy around Christmastime, it's important to try to stay connected to your baby, and your family.

Here's how:

1) Set aside some quiet time every day when you can play with your baby. Even if it's just ten minutes, make sure you have this time to reconnect.

2) Set clear boundaries with visiting family before they arrive. Make sure you explain the baby's schedule to them and let them know that your plans will revolve around that.

3) Bring the baby with you on errands or exercise. This gives your partner a break and gives you some time with the little one.

4) Don't be passive aggressive when holiday stress is bothering you. Communicate with your partner and tell your family when you need space.