Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pinwheels writes that the BBBDs is:
"...a book I wished we’d had 9 years ago, when Carter was born. Tom and I were both newborn parents then, equally invested in our lives together and in the life of our wrinkled, prune-faced new baby, but I had my stack of books to help guide me, and Tom had, well, hmmm. He had a funny, joke-type book about fatherhood by Bill Cosby, and another humorous book by Paul Reiser. If you were to go by this selection alone, you might think a father’s only job was to keep the laughs rolling.

"Thankfully times have changed, andThe Baby Bonding Book for Dads: Building a Closer Connection with Your Baby (Willow Creek Press), is a reflection of these changes. In it, newborn dads are treated to thoughtful, helpful, accurate information, as well as stunning black and white images of men and their babies (the photographs are by Christopher Briscoe).

"It was only after reading this book did I realize that I missed these images: ones that aren’t often seen in parenting publications or even online, but ones that are an integral part of family life. Fathers holding babies. Fathers holding mothers holding babies. Lots of fathers."


Anonymous said...

It was such a pleasure reading this book; thank you for your excellent work, and congratulations!

About the book said...

Thanks Jennifer for writing about it. Did you see Michelle's review where she wrote: say it with me, I'm not having more babies, I'm not having more babies? There was the cutest 11-month-old at the Y today. Sort of makes you think...