Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Food and Sex

Since sex is the way we make babies, we figure articles, news, advice (tee hee), and anything else about sex is relevant to the Baby Bonding Book for Dads, right?

Among our favorite sex videos, check out this Dad Labs rerun from season two.

And then there's The Midwest Teen Sex Show...

Wondering why you were so randy after eating that strawberry shortcake the other night? Read Jennifer's column about food and sex in this week's Tidings, "Can Food Really Put You in the Mood?". Here's an excerpt:
Annie told me that she fell for her boyfriend over a plate of fish. "He seduced me with catfish," she laughed, ""...this great meal of delectable juicy catfish with Thai pepper."

Though they broke up eventually, Annie still makes that recipe.

At 38, Annie's recently realized how food enhances her sex drive. "As I get older I've definitely had times of not being in the mood, where I've just gone, 'What's wrong with me?! I haven't even thought about sex!' Then I started eating healthier, and it got me more in the mood."

Annie "went on a health kick," eating mostly organic fruits and vegetables, cutting all the refined sugar from her diet. She also stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol. Two months later she perceived a big change. "It all hit at once. Not only did I feel sexier but I noticed men looking at me more too."

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Anonymous said...

I dont usually watch tv in the internet but dadlabs is really funny, i'll have to check out the midwest teen sex show too. thanks for the recommendations.