Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The blog book tour stops at the Joy of Sox and Full Soul Ahead

Check out the Q & A at THE JOY OF SOX about the Baby Bonding Book For Dads. The comments--from hardcore Red Sox fans--are really interesting! (Jennifer's a longtime Red Sox fan and used to think she was Jim Rice, and the Red Sox come up several times in the book, in case you were wondering.)

Thanks to Allan Wood for kicking things off on the blog book tour!

Our second stop on the tour was with another of our favorite bloggers, Michelle O'Neil at Full Soul Ahead has this to say about the book:
Most parenting books are fear based and lean toward "what not to do." This book is different. It encourages "baby wrestling," and singing a modified version of "Super Freak" during diaper changes, "She's a very stinky girl...."

While the book is written with great humor, it's also poignant. An example being the section where the author writes a few paragraphs to his unborn baby while his wife sleeps.

If you know any new or expecting daddies out there, this would be the perfect book for Father's Day. And for seasoned dads, it might be a beautiful stroll down memory lane.

Three cheers for good fathers!

May you never underestimate your value to your children.

* adorable photos in The Baby Bonding Book for Dads by Christopher Briscoe. Warning...they may make you want to reproduce.

I'm not having any more babies.
I'm not having any more babies.
I'm not having any more babies.
Say it with me......


Anonymous said...

what! she stole my quote!

ShariMacD said...

I LOVE Michelle O'Neil!!!