Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jody Mace

Jody Mace writes about things like llama penises and gorilla impersonators. She also reviewed the BBBDs at her blog. The entire post is here.

An excerpt from Jody's review:
Don’t think of it as a counterpart to the ubiquitous “What to Expect” books, or, really, any of the parenting books that moms tend to read. This is more inspiration than instruction. For the guy who’s about to become a dad for the first time, the book gives examples of how bonding happens between dads and babies during everyday activities and care. The authors, parents of three kids, show how bonding happens all the time - when you’re changing the diaper as well as just gazing into those eyes. It would be difficult for a father-to-be to read this little book and see the breathtaking photos and not be at least a little bit anxious to get his hands on that new baby and start falling in love.

I can’t imagine a sweeter gift at a baby shower for the often-neglected dad.

And moms? The dads in the photos are damn hot.

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