Thursday, February 14, 2008

Introducing photographer Christopher Briscoe

The photos in the book were done by an internationally known and much loved in Ashland photographer named


He's the kind of guy who CEOs fly around the country because they love his work so much and have to have him shoot their family. (That means take pictures of, not kill, in photographers' jargon. You knew that already.)

He's also the kind of guy who gets so involved in what he's doing he forgets to eat, has a blood sugar crash, and needs a candy bar quick. At least, that's what happened the one time that we met in person. We knew him by reputation only, because he has these incredible, highly stylized, always eye-catching photographs in the window of his studio on A Street in Ashland not far from the co-op. So when the publisher was looking for a photographer, we suggested they check out Chris Briscoe's work. They did, and liked it, and our partnership--one that we hope will continue for many years (if he doesn't get offended by the blood sugar comment that is)--was born.

Here's his bio from the book:

Christopher Briscoe photographs people from all walks of life, all over the world. His celebrity faces include Michael Douglas, Kathryn Zeta Jones, Kirk Douglas, Rob Lowe, Ray Charles, Bo Derek, and Mikhail Gorbachev. Based in the Pacific Northwest, he has published his photographs in Time magazine, USA Today, and The Los Angeles Times. Chris' portfolio at is an example of his connection with people and the magic light he splashes upon them. Aside from the pleasure of photographing wonderful faces, Briscoe's greatest joy comes from being a dad to his son, Quincy.

And we'll post some more sneak previews of photos from the book in a separate entry, so you can see more examples of his work.

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brett paesel said...

What well-written, no-nonsense information about bonding with your baby. I thought I was "missing something" when I looked at my baby and didn't feel an immediate rush of maternal affection. Thanks, Jennifer for being a voice of calm at such a confusing time.