Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Great Dads and Choreplay

Greatdads.com, a Web site we really like that's devoted to fathering and has lots of good information on it (in fact, we like it so much we are talking to Paul about becoming contributing writers over there), blogged today about dads and baby bonding. You can read it here.

On February 12th The Atlanta Journal Constitution offered up advice for dads on how to get lucky with their wives. It's called CHOREPLAY. Forget the roses and firelight. Clean the sippy cups instead.

For the record, Heidi Raykell's husband in a chapter of Confessions of a Naughty Mommy: How I Found My Lost Libido (Seal Press), wrote about how doing dishes was great for his sex life long before Parenting coined the term "choreplay."


Anonymous said...

There's a problem with choreplay -- when you do the dishes and your spouse falls asleep waiting for you to finish your foray into domesticity. Then you get no nookie. I am living proof.

Jilted Wife said...

i dont think i give a shit that you didn't get any bc yr wife fell asleep ... sometimes i fall asleep putting the kids to bed and find out in the morning that my husband instead of waking me up or doing anything useful around the house was surfing the internet looking at nude ladies or watching porn