Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If I Had a Horse

One of our favorite books from Willow Creek Press has nothing to do with babies. It's called If I Had a Horse: How Different Life Would Be and it has some of the most impressive equine photography ever taken in it. (Stay tuned for lots more about the photographs in The Baby Bonding Book for Dads, taking photography of babies and children, and photography in general, by the way.) The prose is as spectacular as the photos; it's written by Melissa Sovey who raised her three tiny sons by herself after her husband died in a freak car accident. Her husband drove off to a work dinner one night and that was the last time she and her children ever saw him. She waited, trying not to worry and thinking that his work engagement was running late, until she got a call from the police telling her her husband was dead. Now her oldest son, Mike, is expecting their first child. Here is a picture of them, together, at his wedding. If I Had a Horse is a testament to Melissa's bravery raising her sons by herself, and the power of healing you can find in horses. In the interest of full disclosure: in addition to being an outstanding writer and mom, Melissa is also the National Sales Director at Willow Creek Press. Working with her has been such a privilege, and she's become a good friend.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wonderful book, Jennifer -- thanks for sharing it. Reading about the strength and survival skills of others always gives me hope.
Cindy La Ferle: www.laferle.com

Melissa Sovey said...

Thank you Jennifer, for mentioning the book... and for the great experiences we've had working together! The Baby Bonding Book For Dads is showing all the preliminary signs of terrific
It looks like Baby & Kids magazine (part of Giftware News)will feature the book in an upcoming article and retailers are very excited about adding it to their stores. I've reserved my copy to send to my son who, as you mentioned, is expecting his first child in a few weeks. Will keep you posted!!!