Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sex is Good for Dads

Thanks to our friends at GreatDads.com for pointing out an article in a recent issue of Men's Health about how HEALTHY it is to have sex. We've long suspected as much and isn't it nice to have hard science (as if there is such a thing) to back it up?

Here are the "facts" (tell them to your wife next time she has a headache):

11% decrease in the risk of prostate cancer if you have 8-12 orgasms per month.

118 calories burned by a 180 pound man during one hour of foreplay.

50% DECREASE in risk of dying of heart disease if you have at least 2 orgasms per week.

30% increase in immunity if you have intercourse more than twice a week.

143 muscles required to have sex.

And while you're thinking about all the glorious benefits to sexual intimacy and browsing Men's Health, you can also read such inspiring articles as 9 hard-and-fast rules for awe-inspiring erections.

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