Friday, March 21, 2008

Now, Let's Do The Science

It's fascinating to read about the latest and greatest scientific studies about pregnancy, children, and family life.

The only problem is, when you look past the headlines and read the substance of the studies, it's hard to find them entirely credible. Control groups are missing, the number of people studied is not statistically significant, or, despite what the media touts, any clear and credible cause and effect is not established.

We're going to the Council on Contemporary Families conference next month in Chicago and it will be interesting to get a chance to meet face to face some of the researchers conducting these studies and the academics interpreting them, and ask them some hard questions...

In the meantime, if you'd like to surf some new scientific studies, here are a few that have made the news lately (but read them with the caveat that what is presented here may be far from the "truth":

Good Marriages Make for Good Blood Pressure

Stressed out parents have sicker kids

Some moms quit cigarettes, alcohol, and pot use while pregnant but dads don't

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