Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Children (and Babies and Grown-ups Need to Eat Food)

Here's a novel suggestion -- feed your baby, your older kids, and yourself food.


Humans need to eat food.

But we don't.

We eat processed crap that is nutritionally devoid and then "enriched" with everything the processing of the food took out of it.

News flash: cereal (even Cheerios and Special K, despite what you see on the TV ads) is not food. Poptarts aren't food (you already knew that). Granola bars aren't food. Anything wrapped in plastic with unreadable and unpronounceable ingredients does not count as food.

Don't make your baby's food out of a box or a jar or a plastic bag.

Instead, buy a yam, steam it, and mush it up. Feed that to your baby. And have some yourself.

We see moms and dads putting Coke in baby bottles. Or orange juice. Skip the juice altogether and let your baby drink water and breast milk. Formula, folks, also isn't food. It's nasty manufactured crap that companies are making a lot of money selling, so much so that they can afford to give it away for free in the hospital. These companies even get away with brainwashing new parents that their babies aren't getting enough breast milk.

Some studies are finding that processed baby food is even worse than junk food. Click here to read an article about this.

Rant over. Go buy some apples, oranges, green beans, arugula, spinach, artichokes, chicken, grass-fed organic beef, celery, broccoli, cherries, cheese, edamame, peanuts, walnuts, beans, brown rice, grapes, pears ... and feed that to your family and yourself.

There's an epidemic of obesity among preschoolers in America. If we all start eating REAL FOOD, we could stop it.


Surfer Jay said...

I concur wholeheartedly. You said it perfectly, direct and to the point. I feed my 10 month old all that good real stuff. It's just as easy to make fresh veggies as it is to make mac and cheese. And healthy. Go figure.

About the book said...

Thanks for your comment. It is easier and sooo much cheaper, though advertising and commercials would have us think otherwise. Glad you didn't find my post to be too much of a rant, though I've been in rant mode lately...

Anonymous said...


Nik Edgerton said...

Absolutely. This is a passionate subject for me. I grew up on real food and have found it amazing how things have changed. I have only made brief references to this subject in my own posts , and feel it is time for a full on rant. Rant all you want. People should be outraged by the way this country has condemned its citizens through mass homogenization and food processing. It's time for people to recognize the importance of the food revolution as a viability, as opposed to elitism.