Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School Pencils

All pencils aren't created equal.

ForestEthics has a ranking system for pencil-making companies and only two are on the A-list.

These two companies, according to ForestEthics, do not clear cut forests and are not destroying the Sierra Nevadas in their pencil making.

So, when you go to purchase pencils, buy from either ForestChoice or Greenline Paper Company, NOT from any of the others.

Here's the ForestEthicss report card:


jamie said...

I have ALWAYS wondered about this (particularly since I am a compulsive pencil sharpener, and feel a little guilty about it. Seriously, I like it almost as much as cleaning out hairbrushes).

From whence do I purchase these?

About the book said...

We looked in every store in Ashland, OR with no luck. But you can buy ForestChoice pencils here:

About the book said...

In addition to buying them from the Web site, the pencils are available (they cost more but the shipping is less expensive) from -- keep scrolling and you'll find them.

William said...

We here at ForestEthics are loving all this enthusiasm.

If you check out the report pdf itself, you'll find (among other good info) the websites for both of the pencil companies that received 'A's: and .

They're both smaller companies than the ones they outperform, which is all the more reason to give them our business and put pressure on the behemoths to take care of the land.

Will Craven